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Dame Dorothy Fraser
Allistair MacDonald Fraser
James A.P. Fraser
Secretary, Treasurer & Newsletter Editor:
Ross J. Fraser
Piper to Clan Fraser Society of NZ - Courtney Williamson


Purpose of the Clan Fraser Society of New Zealand

  • To promote the general unity and fellowship among kinsfolk of Clan Fraser.
  • To promote friendly relations between the Clan Fraser Society of New Zealand and other recognised Clan Fraser Societies worldwide.
  • To collect and preserve literary, historical and genealogical records, documents and relics relating to the Clan.
  • To honour and preserve our Scottish Heritage and inspire amongst our member families and their descendants the pride and spirit of their Scottish ancestors.
  • To gather Socially and enjoy our Scottish Heritage through the mutual participation of our members in those things which are special to it.
  • To render such aid as we can to those of our clansfolk who may require it.


Membership is open to all -

  • Whose name is Fraser in any of its various forms and spellings, all those who have married a Fraser and all descendants of a Fraser.
  • Those whose family name is included in the list of Septs of Clan Fraser.
  • All who have an interest in the history of the Clan.

To join please complete the membership application (Word Document).


  • To issue quarterly newsletters to all members
  • To provide Certificates of Membership
  • To promulgate shared events with other Clan societies in NZ
  • To support all local Scottish heritage activities
  • To actively encourage Clan Fraser genealogy & provide assistance where able

"The Clan Fraser NZ Gathering" by Pipe Major Chris Stevens

The Modern Clan

Today the Clan Fraser is composed of many thousands all over the world. Large Fraser populations exist in the United States and Canada, and smaller populations are in Australia, New Zealand (both of which have had Fraser Prime Ministers) , and South Africa, not to mention those who never left Scotland. In 1951, the Lord Lovat Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser was able to muster some 7,000 Frasers to the family seat at Beaufort Castle, and in 1997, some 30-40,000 Frasers from 21 different countries came to Castle Fraser over a period of four days for a world-wide Clan gathering. Watch our family documentary on Netflix in New Zealand.