Finding your Fraser Ancestors in New Zealand
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Genealogy research in New Zealand can be challenging, particularly if you don't live there and have the ability to visit local district offices in search of records. Unlike many countries, New Zealand's "by name" census is not available online and very few of its public records (such as birth, marriage and death indexes) have been transcribed into online databases. One thing you can know for certain - your first Fraser ancestor in New Zealand immigrated to the island. Following generations may have been born on the island, but some brave Fraser in the past had to make the voyage to get there.

So, where do you start? You might want to fill in a genealogy worksheet for each ancestor you're researching. Once you've established the names, time period and locations, check the Fraser surname specific databases on this site. The NZGen Web, with web sites for each region of New Zealand, is also a great resource.

Great news - New Zealand has now put Birth, Death and Marriage Historical Records into a database that you can search online. If you find a record you're interested in, you can order it directly from the website. Visit New Zealand Birth, Death and Marriage Historical Records by clicking here.

Feel free to request assistance from the Clan Fraser New Zealand genealogist, Bonnie, at any time. Bonnie has many offline resources and databases for New Zealand research. Click here to send her an email.

Need to research a surname other than Fraser that lived in New Zealand? If they immigrated to NZ, try the Ship Manifest database. If they are buried in NZ, you might find them on the NZ Online Cemetery database. Denise and Peters NZ Website has a search function where you can enter a surname.

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